Stripe heaven at Lillybee U!


I love stripes and my collection of striped tees are always in constant rotation. So when Lillybee U sent me a pair of tailgate toes flats to try I was in stripe heaven!

Lillybee U is the brainchild of Kassie Rempel, an admitted shoe-freak and born-and-bred Carolina fan. Kassie founded an e-commerce shoe boutique called SimplySoles, and sold it in 2012 to focus on her new passion – footwear for fans.  The line and label wouldn’t exist without the guardianship and stewardship of Kassie’s partner, Lisa Palmer.

Both Kassie and Lisa separately founded companies called Lillybee. It was their love of their independent lines that first brought them together. After speaking about it for so many years, in 2012 they finally fused their knowledge, passion, and experience into one joint and single company, Lillybee LLC. Lillybee is the first of the Lillybee brand collections to be sold through a wholesale distribution strategy providing this unique product option to fine collegiate shops, on and off campus bookstores, fan shops and speciality boutiques. The winning goal is to help outfit the millions of die-hard, yet fashionable female fans cheer on their team in style.

The shoes come in every colour stripe imaginable and you can add cute coloured bows on your toes to match the pumps- or clash to make a statement! All major schools and sororities are covered and there is free shipping on all orders for US customers!

My red, white and blue pumps are perfect now the warmer weather is FINALLY approaching and I can't wait to wear them!

Thanks to Lillybee University for getting my feet ready for summer!

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