Behind the Scenes in the Body of Proof Fitting Room


Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of the ABC show Body of Proof, and was more than a bit upset to hear that Season 3 would be its last.

Body of Proof Costume Designer Susanna Puisto (a supporter of Political Style, and recently interviewed!) has shared with us some great behind the scenes photographs of the hard work and dedication that goes into costume design and fittings.

Costume Designer Susanna Puisto fits an orange cape worn by Dana Delany in Seasons 2 and 3. (This is one of my favorite pieces that Megan Hunt wears!) 

Construction shots of an emerald green dress designed and made by Puisto and her team. This was worn by Delany in Episode 17. 

Puisto and her team also made this great purple tweed dress for Delany. 

Assistants Esther and Syros hard at work in the workroom. Eagle-eyed viewers can see the red Alexander McQueen dress and bolero style jacket that Delany wore in Season 3 Episode 4.

Team member Caroline prepares for a fitting.

Syros gets to work preparing uniforms for cast members. 

Susanna Puisto 

Maritza helps to run the department of 12 whilst Puisto designs, shops and fits outfits for cast members. 

Check out my a previous interview with Susanna here, and stay tuned for an exclusive look back at Megan Hunt's outfits throughout Body of Proof! 

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