Review: The Hamilton, Washington DC


I'd just stopped off a nine hour flight from London to Washington DC, and after checking into my hotel I was after some food that I could actually taste.

As I walked up 14th Street, I spotted The Hamilton and knew that I would have to go in. The bar was absolutely packed, and we were quickly seated at a table in the next room.

Designed to capture "DC's creative renaissance and a food-savvy audience that draws influence from every corner of the planet," The Hamilton really is a destination restaurant. Complete with a sushi bar and contemporary charcuterie, the extensive menu really does have something to suit all tastes.

I chose the Atlantic Salmon Salad, a delicious mix of frisee, radicchio, arugula, pita crisps, bulghur wheat, feta, cucumber, tomato and lemon vinaigrette topped with a mouth-watering piece of chargrilled salmon. Our party shared some sweet potato fries which were the perfect indulgence.

The service at The Hamilton was fantastic, and the place really did have a buzzing atmosphere.

Fast forward to the day of our departure, and we were in need of a good meal ahead of our return flight. (Plane food is the worst!)

We found ourselves back at The Hamilton for lunch. It was if our new favourite place was calling out to us!

Pre-meal we indulged in some fantastic milkshakes. I opted for the peanut butter and chocolate which was divine. (If any of you have recipe ideas, please share!) I selected the chicken enchiladas and a small mac and cheese which certainly kept me satisfied well until we had landed back in London.

There is no doubt that The Hamilton is my favourite DC restaurant, with the great menu, fantastic service, inspiring decor and electric atmosphere making it a must-visit in the city. If you like Clyde's you will certainly love the company's newest venture!

To find out more about The Hamilton visit their website, or follow them on Twitter. Check out the menus here. The Hamilton also has a great live music programme.

The Hamilton is located at 600 14th Street NW, Washington DC, 20005. The nearest Metro stop is Metro Center. 

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