The Week in round-up


The world mourns the passing of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Like many of my generation, I heard the news on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. At first I thought, "What has happened?" and further investigation broke the news of his death.
Both Twitter and Facebook were awash with the news, with literally everyone's status updates saying, "OMG Michael Jackson has died." It has been a complete shock, especially ahead of his 50 dates to begin in London in three weeks. A friend purchased tickets for the event and is absolutely devastated by his death.
Rest in peace Michael.

On another note, the House of Representatives has passed the historic Climate Bill, 219 to 212. A cap and trade solution will be established, with the aim to cut greenhouse gases by 17% by 2020. It also creates guidelines for making alternative energy sources and cleaner technologies. Speaker Pelosi is credited for her outstanding efforts in sheparding the bill through the House. The Senate is now scheduled to consider the Bill.

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